Yukon Men

Who Are the Cast Members of the “Yukon Men”?

Yukon Men is the reality TV series produced by the Paper Route Productions, which premiered on 24 August 2012, and ran for five seasons before its cancelation. The show follows inhabitants of the small village of Tanana, which is located 60 miles from the Arctic Circle.

You are probably wondering who is in the main cast? First we have Stan Zuray, who has been living in the Alaskan wilderness for more than 40 years, though originally born in Boston, Massachusetts, and his son, Joey Zuray, who is currently in his 20s and has been accustomed to the Alaskan wilderness. Then, we have Charlie Wright, a water-plant operator, hunter, mechanic, and trapper. After him comes Charlie’s son Robert Wright, who is in his early 20s, and has been learning about family traditions and is focused on developing his hunting skills. The Moore family is the next in line, with Pat the patriarch of the family and operating a local kennel with the help of his children, Thomas, and Courtney. Pat is married to Lorraine. Last but not least in line is James Roberts, a wood supplier and a kennel owner.

“Yukon Men”

The show started airing on the Discovery channel on the 31st August 2012, to an audience of 1.95 million people; many were against the show, but many more people said ‘yes’, and praised it once it got going. Over the years, the show became rather popular, making its cast into stars of reality TV. So far, there have been seven seasons, with the latest episode aired on the 16th June 2017, showcasing the ups and downs of the families in the small Alaskan village of Tanana. There were many controversies and many televised dangerous situations, which only increased the popularity of the reality series.

Yukon Men Deaths

There were several death situations while shooting the series; back in 2012, George Roberts passed away while he was going back home from a hunting expedition. Being an avid outdoorsman means nothing in the Alaskan wilderness. He was crossing the river with his snowmobile when the ice broke and George was captured in the icy water of the Tanana River. Three years later, a pilot Seth Fairbanks and his passenger named Hooper died in a plane crash just after the end of the season finale being shot.

Yukon Men Net Worth

Many of you have probably wondered how much the cast of the Yukon Men earn and how rich are they. There isn’t information for every one of them, but for a few people, the sources have already estimated their wealth. So, let’s get down to business; Pat Moore is the richest of the cast members, with a net worth estimated at $500,000, which is pretty decent, considering the fact that he lives in the Alaskan wilderness. Next in line is Charlie Wright, whose net worth is estimated at $450,000, while Stan and Joey Zuray have a wealth of $400,000. Unfortunately, there is no information in regards to James Roberts’ net worth.

Is the Series Canceled, New Season?

Last year, “Yukon Men” finished airing its seventh season in June, however, the Discovery channel hasn’t yet made an announcement in regards to the eighth season, or cancelation. However, numerous petitions have surfaced all demanding the cancelation of the show, primarily because of supposed cruelty towards animals showcased in the episodes. However, don’t despair – there is still hope that the “Yukon Men” will return to the small screen for a new season.

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  1. PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T CANCEL Yukon Men……We adore that show along with all of the other Alaska shows on TV….Animal Cruelty is not understood by the viewer as the way of life in Alaska….No one is being cruel..It is just the way they live….Animals are being cared for and are happy with it all.

    1. I agree I really enjoyed the show, along with Life Below Zero, The Last Alaskans and The Alskan Frontiers, keep them all going!!

  2. Yukon men was my favorite show ! Charlie and Stan seem like the two people everyone depends on . Don’t cave to people complaining about animals . I love animals but this is life and a Great show Please Don’t Cancell it

  3. OMG pease dont cancel the show my husband and i LOVE it if we were younger we probably would be there ourselfs the show makes you realize just how tough living in the wild really is.
    again please dont cancel the show

  4. This is a very good show. Not sure about other people but drugs, sex, violence society is full of. I love coming home watching real authentic people without the trauma drama. Shame on you for taking this show off the air.

  5. P!ease bring the show back. This is a way of life. Not like they are hunting for sport . They aren’t looking for a set of anglers to hang above the mantle.

  6. Yukon Men was so enjoyable to us. We loved the people and their lifestyle. Few shows are on today that are worth watching. Please bring it back on.

  7. Do Not Cancel Yukon Men. Subsistence living is hunting, killinng, and using the entire animal for food, clothing, etc. This process is not tortuous to the animals if done the right way, quickly, and respectfully. And it causes far less pollution than only wearing plastic in an attempt to save the environment. Also real animal fur used as clothing (and I am not supporting the heinous businesses of breeding and killing animals only for their hides to make fur coats for the wealthy) is far less pollution causing than the fake fur industry. I watch Yukon Men not only for its entertainment value but also because its informative and educational. So please don’t cancel it!

  8. I love that show hope they bring it back on. But it’s been awhile since it was on. I have a feeling it’s not coming back on the air.

  9. I truly enjoy Yukon Men. Please don’t cancel the show. My husband and I raised our children in a log home out in the country. We had a garden bigger than the house. He cut the dead trees and the children and I rolled the rounds back to the wood pile. We heated with a wood stove. We relate to Yukon Men and look forward to seeing them. I’m a widow now and this show stirs up a lot of memories. I enjoy all the Alaska shows..

  10. I agree with all of the folks above… it’s real, it’s survival. It’s nice to watch a show without; sex, drugs
    and the trashy side of lives. Please bring this show back…sure do miss it.

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